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We had our kids' birthday party here this year.  This was the best (and easiest) birthday I've ever put together. EVERYONE had a blast, parent's included!
Alice H. - Mother of 5
As a father, I want my kids to be confident and make good decisions. I have been watching my son take the values from martial arts and apply it to practical situations at home and at school.
Craig Newman - Father of a 4 year old
When I started, I was scared around the bigger kids. I don't want to fight, but I didn't know what to do if they did. Now I don't worry about it.
Jarrod - 8 year old
I was worried about how much we were actually going to have to do at this thing. Turns out, they did everything! We really just showed up and enjoyed ourselves.
Stan  -  Proud Father
We needed a great activity for our kids to do after school until we got off work. This turned out to be a better decision than we had hoped for.
Victoria H. -  Mother of 2
My friend's birthday party was so cool! I want to have my party here next year!
Alex  - 12 year old friend
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