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Instilling Discipline · Building Confidence · Inspiring Fitness

At Plumer Karate America, we are interested not only in self-defense skills, but also in the complete personal development of each student.

Plumer Karate America instructors are personally selected not only for their martial arts skills, but also for their ability to effectively communicate their knowledge to students of all ages. As a result of attending many seminars and tournaments across the nation, it is no surprise that Plumer Karate America instructors are ranked among the finest in the country!
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Our unique method of training is fun and is designed to:

Instill a positive attitude
Build confidence and self-esteem
Teach the importance of strong values and good character
Promote the desire to learn
Improve effort and motivation
Improve concentration
Teach self-discipline
Instill respect for self, and others
Building confidence and self-esteem through daily floor chats on life skills

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