Extra Curricular

Competition Team

Team Eclipse is our award winning competition team. Students are required to try out for this team and their may be costs associated with uniforms, activities etc.

Demonstration Team

Our demonstration team consists of any Black Belt Team student who wishes to build confidence, practice their karate in front of an audience and have LOTS of fun! There is no additional charge for being on this team.

Leadership Team

A special program that allows students to take full advantage of many leadership concepts that the martial arts offers, making them leaders and examples for the community and school, and preparing them for their future. Students must demonstrate proper respect, focus and self discipline at home, school and karate. They must also be receiving good grades at school and must interview with the school’s Chief Instructor before being allowed to join the team. There is no additional charge for being on this team.

Private Classes

Private classes are held approximately once per month. These private sessions are run by instructors and leadership team members and give students the opportunity to work one-on-one any any curriculum they so choose. These classes are FREE!


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